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UPDATE: The county commissioners meeting of October 20 was not successful for us. We really appreciate those who attended and who contacted the commissioners in support of the library. We don't know what will happen, but it is unlikely we will be granted county-wide status. Your calls, emails, and notes to the commissioners are still appreciated. Don't stop. We won't give up.

Thank you all so much!

Last Update: We had an awesome turn out of support at the October 6 hearing. But the job is not done. The county commissioners decided to take up the case at their regular October 20 board meeting (9 AM at the courthouse assembly room). Please join us there in support. Bring kids because that's what it's all about. The opposition is growing and we want the commissioners to see who this is really about - the future of Rush Co! Please try to attend.

In August, the library board petitioned the Rush Co Commissioners asking them to act on making our library a county-wide library. This would mean that the library would be funded from property taxes from the entire county, not just the city of Rushville. It would also mean there would be no more non-resident fee for folks who live outside the city limits.

Best of all, this would mean a little more revenue for our library. We would be able to serve the public with new and better technology, materials, programs, and equipment. We would be able to take care of some of the problems with our existing building (crumbling walls, ugly carpeting, buckling windows, peeling paper and paint, etc). We could even eventually have branches in the county where folks could come for information and entertainment. The possibilities are many! It means an awesome center for our entire community for generations to come. How wonderful - something GOOD for everyone.

The county commissioners have decided to hold a hearing on the matter next Monday, October 6, at 7 pm either at the courthouse or at the RCHS cafeteria. Whether you are a city patron or a county patron this affects you. We ask that you attend the hearing in support of our library and help us persuade the commissioners to make a historic, positive decision for Rush Co. We need YOU! You can make the difference.

If you cannot attend the hearing, but would like to support us, please send a letter, write an email, or phone one or all three county commissioners (Bruce Levi, Ken Masters, & Mark Bacon). Contact us at the library (932-3496/ for more information.

Thank you so much!

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5. Ask any of our library staff members for assistance either in person or over the phone.

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